It’s happening now!


Every day in March, participants across the global Pilates community share content related to Joseph Pilates’ traditional Mat exercises.

Using the connective power of the hashtag, all the magic will happen in the social media networks of those that participate in this unique campaign and want to share their love for Pilates. Each day is dedicated to one exercise from “Return to Life through Contrology”, the original book by Joseph Pilates.

Be an active observer by using the corresponding hashtags listed below, AND/OR become a participant. Here‘s how:

1. Pick an exercise from the list

You can pick as many exercises as you like… why not all 34?

1. #hundred
2. #rollup
3. #rollover
4. #onelegcircle
5. #rollingback
6. #onelegstretch
7. #doublelegstretch
8. #spinestretch
9. #rockerwithopenlegs
10. #corkscrew
11. #saw
12. #swandive
13. #onelegkick
14. #doublelegkick
15. #neckpull
16. #scissors and #bicycle
17. #shoulderbridge
18. #spinetwist
19. #jackknife
20. #sidekick
21. #teaser
22. #hiptwist
23. #swimming
24. #legpulls front and back
25. #kneelingsidekick
26. #sidebend
27. #boomerang
28. #seal and #crab
29. #rocking
30. #controlbalance
31. #pushup

2. Create something worth sharing

It could be a photograph, a video, musings, practice tips, a drawing… any form of creative expression is welcome! Use last year’s contributions to the MM Blog for inspiration, too!

3. Note the date(s) for each exercise

To synchronize the campaign, the number on the list above corresponds with the day of the exercise’s turn; March 15 is The Neck Pull, for example.

4. Add hashtags

To connect with everyone participating, use the corresponding hashtag AS LISTED ABOVE with each exercise. Also add #marchmatness and #MM2015 (ideal for Twitter).

5. Spread the word!

Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, your blog, tell your friends, offer a free Mat class… Be ready for a whole new audience to find you as they will be searching for the hashtag of the day!

6. Practice!

Simply search the hashtags to get inspired for your daily movement practice!

If you need any assistance in getting started, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I hope this year’s March MATness will be full of inspiration for those that love the work already, and for those that have yet to learn about it – this work is too good not to be practiced by everyone, don’t you think? Together, let’s make the Pilates love go viral!

Yours in health and happiness,

PS: Feel free to drag the logo (either the one above or below) on your desktop and use it with your social media posts! MM2015