Celebrating Pilates around the world

Every year, Pilates lovers around the world join in a monthlong celebration of Pilates:
one day at a time, one movement at a time. Hosted by 360° Pilates

How it all began

The first March MATness happened in 2013, and so much has happened since.

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How you can participate

We follow the same schedule each year, but with a different caption theme.

Caption theme 2023

Mingle with the coMMunity

Follow #marchmatness and #marchmatness23 to high-five fellow MM participants and get inspired!

Our InstagraMM

What is March MATness?

March MATness is an annual awareness campaign that celebrates the traditional sequence of Pilates Mat exercises. Originally spearheaded by Benjamin Degenhardt, March MATness is a community-led event that floods the internet with love for the Pilates method every year.

Not a challenge. Not a competition.

Everybody loves a challenge, and everybody loves a competition. But, March MATness is neither of those things. Instead, it’s a “come as you are” celebration of Pilates. You can join this celebration in any way that you see fit; cheer on others, contribute to the fun, offer special classes or events locally, encourage others to join… In short: make it yours!

That said, we discourage using March MATness as an opportunity to monetize or to create challenges or contests around the hashtag.

When do I post what?

The posting schedule is the same every single year (see below). The content you want to share is uniquely yours, but if you want further inspiration, you can jump on our yearly caption theme, sponsored by 360° Pilates: in 2023, the theme is #backtobasics.

MARCH MATNESS CALENDAR see you on the mat!

March 1

The Hundred


March 2

The Roll Up


March 3

The Roll Over


March 4

The One Leg Circle


March 5

Rolling Back


March 6

The One Leg Stretch


March 7

The Double Leg Stretch


March 8

The Spine Stretch


March 9

Rocker with Open Legs


March 10

The Corkscrew


March 11

The Saw


March 12

The Swan-Dive


March 13

The One Leg Kick


March 14

The Double Kick


March 15

The Neck Pull


March 16

The Scissors & Bicycle

#scissors & #bicycle

March 17

The Shoulder Bridge


March 18

The Spine Twist


March 19

The Jack Knife


March 20

The Side Kick


March 21

The Teaser


March 22

The Hip Twist


March 23



March 24

The Leg Pull Front & Back


March 25

The Side Kick Kneeling


March 26

The Side Bend


March 27

The Boomerang


March 28

The Seal & Crab

#seal & #crab

March 29

The Rocking


March 30

The Control Balance


March 31

The Push Up


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