Caption Theme:

Pilates is not a new trend… it has been around for nearly 100 years! Even the Mat exercise sequence we celebrate each March is turning grey (it was first published in 1945)… or, is it?

This year, our caption theme—sponsored by 360° Pilatesfocuses on the relevance of the Pilates method TODAY. How does Pilates support you in your everyday life? How is something that was established many decades ago still working for us? What does Pilates look like for you, especially after having been somewhat limited to the Mat work for the past two years?

“Pilates here and now” is also an invitation to get real with the work… no need for filters, staging, rehearsing, or trying to make it look “good” (as if there was such a thing in Pilates)… instead, we want you to feel comfortable to share your practice and perspective in the real-est way possible.

Why is there a caption theme?

It’s simple… while March MATness provides you with a blueprint to feed your social media channels for 31 days, you may be at a loss when it comes to posting this regularly… Perhaps you’ve participated for many years already and don’t know what to write about. That’s why we offer a caption theme for you to piggyback on; it’s just another way for us all to connect and unite in our shared passion. If you want to participate, be sure to tag @360pilatesonline and @marchmatness, and use the hashtag #pilateshereandnow.

The caption theme is completely optional.

MARCH MATNESS CALENDAR see you on the mat!

March 1

The Hundred


March 2

The Roll Up


March 3

The Roll Over


March 4

The One Leg Circle


March 5

Rolling Back


March 6

The One Leg Stretch


March 7

The Double Leg Stretch


March 8

The Spine Stretch


March 9

Rocker with Open Legs


March 10

The Corkscrew


March 11

The Saw


March 12

The Swan-Dive


March 13

The One Leg Kick


March 14

The Double Kick


March 15

The Neck Pull


March 16

The Scissors & Bicycle

#scissors & #bicycle

March 17

The Shoulder Bridge


March 18

The Spine Twist


March 19

The Jack Knife


March 20

The Side Kick


March 21

The Teaser


March 22

The Hip Twist


March 23



March 24

The Leg Pull Front & Back


March 25

The Side Kick Kneeling


March 26

The Side Bend


March 27

The Boomerang


March 28

The Seal & Crab

#seal & #crab

March 29

The Rocking


March 30

The Control Balance


March 31

The Push Up


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